The Power of Your Breath

Health & Happiness with Every Breath You Take | taught by Sophie Hawkins

Course description

Imagine having the skills to feel calm and relaxed in situations that now cause you stress and anxiety. 

Improve Your Health! Reduce high blood pressure, improve digestive function, alleviate anxiety, tension headaches, acid reflux and prevent a host of other health issues, simply by changing the way you breathe. 

Experience a Sense of Peace that is not possible if you are breathing into your upper chest in a fight or flight breathing pattern. 

Be fully present in each moment.  Life is too short to be constantly stressed.  You don't want to get to your last breath and feel that you have missed it.

Reach your optimum Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Potential by Freeing Your Breath.  

Sophie  Hawkins
Sophie Hawkins

Professional Background

Sophie Hawkins has offered Thai Massage, Yoga/Meditation and Ayurveda in London, Ontario, Canada since 2005. She studies Ayurveda from the original texts, Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Hebbar in India (where she has travelled extensively), and online with Dr. Douillard. She is certified from the Gerson Institute in New York. She is a passionate researcher and life long learner.

Sophie has been meditating since she was 10 years old. She has been consciously breathing for over 13 years.

Sophie holds a Masters in Education (Counselling Psychology). She has 20 years experience in community mental health care, providing support to trauma survivors, psychiatric survivors and people living on the street.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Art Studies. She is past President of Forest City Gallery. She is also trained in dance and has several years of stage experience.

Sophie has appeared on television and radio, spoken at conferences, served on committees and engaged in direct action campaigns on various aspects of human rights. 

Listen to Sophie speak about the Power of The Breath and her Spiritual Emergence in this podcast interview

Breathe Consciously. Act in Harmony.

Right now ... become aware of your tongue.  

Is it pressed to the roof of your mouth or against your teeth? 

If you answered yes, you have a pattern of breathing that is detrimental to your health and happiness. 

Breath is more than taking in and expelling air.

Trying to take a “deep” breath by sucking up in the chest (the shoulders lift towards the ears and the belly is imobile), only creates more anxiety and stress in your body. 

Are you a Yoga Teacher or Yoga Student ? 

Practicing breathing exercises with a pattern of chest breathing in place can actually cause long term damage to your health and well being. Most Yoga teachers have not been taught to breathe properly because their teachers don't breathe properly. This course will teach you how to help yourself and your students have a profound inner experience during Hatha Yoga Practice.

Are You a Massage Therapist or Energy Worker? 

Teach your Clients to breath for relaxation and health. Protect yourself from fatigue and taking on 'negative' energy by being grounded and centred in your body with a breath that fully permeates it.